Mobile market research tools

The Project

The VisionsLive product suite includes online community tools for market researchers to interact with consumers in private, moderated environments.
VisionsLive recognised there was strong client demand for a native mobile app so users could engage with the online community from their personal devices. Core strategy included the key phrase “In Their World”, which aligns with being able to gather key insights about what respondents are doing and experiencing as they are out and about during their daily lives.

The VisionsLive Mobile project ramped up with a lean 6 person team and additional internal support from UX specialists, designers and senior marketing managers.
Intranel worked with VisionsLive on requirements, business analytics and design, and completed development of the initial release after 12 months.

The Result

Client and end-user feedback is generally excellent with most finding the interface slick and ergonomic with a close to zero learning curve. This is backed up by support stats which show few mobile related issues. With a long term relationship with VisionsLive, Intranel has a deep understanding of their business space so was well placed to deliver exactly what was required.

Added value and benefits:

  • The mobile community tools are industry leaders for qualitative research. This has created a ‘buzz’ within the market research industry and allowed VisionsLive to boost sales significantly on the back of a unique, differentiated product.
  • VisionsLive can claim a position of strong innovation and technological leadership

Client feedback

“Our first time using online focus groups couldn’t have gone any better. Our clients, who viewed the session, were delighted with the findings and, like us, thought that the new medium was fantastic. Visionslive provide one of the most comprehensive services I’ve ever had the pleasure of using; its technology is user-friendly and intuitive, while its friendly and knowledgeable staff were always ready to answer any questions. The whole experience was excellent.”
– Research Works Ltd

“We are now using the Visionslive Live Online Qualitative tools for all of our major qualitative projects. The VisionsLive platform is definitely the best in the market, and the service from Support is second-to-none.
– Clickback UK

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