Enterprise scale market research suite

The Project

Visionslive is an online SaaS solution developed by Intranel which is used by world-leading research agencies and organisations to run their online research. It enables clients to build bespoke insight communities and supports user engagement through a variety of Web and mobile interfaces. VisionsLive offers a suite of products to support research needs, and is available in 17 languages.

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The Result

The suite is now comprised of:

  • Onboarding and signup system, with integrated Customer Relationship Management
  • Bespoke communities hosting platform
  • SMS, Email and live Private Messaging system
  • Live Chat-based groups system, with collaborative whiteboards
  • Time+Usage based billing and invoicing system
  • Secure user management system
  • Logging and audit systems (logins, community activity, IP)
  • CDN integrated for delivery of all digital media assets
  • Dashboards and heartbeat systems for monitoring systems (CDN/Web Services) availability
  • Reporting and data export dashboards
  • Backup and disaster recovery systems

Visionslive has in excess of 300 clients globally, and the system is used to run thousands of mini-communities and online groups every year.

Client References and Feedback:

“As market research agency we’re quite demanding. We really need high flexibility, convenience (easy to use, easy to manage the platform (uploading stimuli, asking questions, activating interactive tools), application reliability and stability… Thanks to Visionslive we are able to service big companies in their search for efficient international qualitative market research. Doing online group discussions has broaden the horizon and helped us to get connected with consumers in a very special and intense way”
Insites Consulting

“We are now using the Visionslive Live Online Qualitative tools for all of our major qualitative projects. The VisionsLive platform is definitely the best in the market, and the service from Support is second-to-none. From time-to-time we’ve also used VisionsLive’s multi-lingual moderators and sample recruitment services, which have been of the highest standard.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending VisionsLive to others”
Clickback UK

“…We are just about done with a very successful bulletin board project – yeah! Your team has been fabulous to work with and we are so appreciative of all the hard work that’s been done behind the scenes to make this board a success. A sincere thanks to you all”
Olivetree Research

“Our first time using online focus groups couldn’t have gone any better. Our clients, who viewed the session, were delighted with the findings and, like us, thought that the new medium was fantastic. Visionslive provide one of the most comprehensive services I’ve ever had the pleasure of using; its technology is user-friendly and intuitive, while its friendly and knowledgeable staff were always ready to answer any questions. The whole experience was excellent.”
Research Works Ltd

“Our company Youth Culture has been working with VisionsLives’ software to conduct online panel and focus groups for the past couple of years. The technology speaks for itself; it offers an easy and efficient way to collect and export data for study. The different methods VL offers to engage focus group participants helps to ensure that participants stay focused and complete the task at hand. But what sets VisionsLive apart from similar companies is their stellar customer service.

They have set a standard beyond any company I have worked with, always accessible and willing to help you solve your problems it is because of this that I have recommended them to my colleagues and clients! …Thanks VisionsLive!!”
Youth Culture

“VisionsLive have provided a responsive and personal service, training, and tailored support to address any specific queries that we have. The ability to test the functions (software) at no cost has also allowed us the opportunity to pilot ‘dummy’ groups, this has greatly added to our skills and understanding of these platforms, and has been very much welcomed”
Research Director, Qualitative Research Unit, NatCen

Some of our clients:

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