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The Project

Co2co is the brainchild of Jason Bishop. An experienced entrepreneur and founder of successful IT recruitment agency sourced.kiwi, Jason saw an unmet need for businesses to be able to access skilled resources short term when they were busy, and generate income from internal staff when they weren’t.
Jason’s challenge was that realising this vision required building an online marketplace to make matching available staff with vacancies efficient and cost-effective. He needed a development partner to build co2.co and Intranel stepped up.
For this project Intranel’s major challenge was that as a new business venture we had to be extremely lean to manage costs and risk. To meet a limited budget we had to make calculated trade-offs around features and architecture, while still producing a quality user experience that would serve to validate the concept.

The Result – Unique Technology

We were able to leverage experience with our own start-ups to run with Jason’s vision and get co2co live, cost-effectively and within a challenging time frame; initial responses to the service are encouraging and we’re excited about the upcoming formal launch.
Co2co provides the framework to make seconding or accessing specialist human resources and knowledge efficient and cost-effective. All the tools and contract frameworks are in place in an online marketplace that makes finding the right person (or vacancy) easy. Utilisation of staff with available time is improved on one hand, and a new channel for accessing scarce resources or hard to find skills is created on the other. At the same time businesses are building relationships, sharing skills and developing their institutional knowledge.

Client feedback

“It’s always a challenge picking the right partner, but from the beginning it was clear we’d made the right choice. Mybusiness and deliverables were clearly understood from the beginning and Intranel’s team simply drove at them until they were complete, with excellent attitudes and without compromising on the requirements or robustness of the final result.”
– Jason BishopDirector, Sourced.kiwi and co2.co founder

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