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Need to know if your idea has legs, or how to turn your idea into a feasible project? Our consulting team will help you build lean, best-practice agile processes, evaluate solutions, and cloud-enable your business.

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Our industry experts will work closely with your team through long-term and deeply embedded operational partnerships to help transform the way your business use technology. Intranel is not just talk – our in-house development team enables full lifecycle support from concept through to enterprise-level deployment.

Business-Driven Development

Develop a clear business case to drive technology, and align your business and tech teams.

Agile Dev Processes

Ensure your tech development is efficient, focused on business goals, and can adapt quickly to changing needs.

Transition to the Cloud

Migrate your business processes to the Cloud while getting ongoing support and maintenance.


Hybrid Agile: Best Practices for Building Complex Software

Find out how combining the flexibility of Agile and the precision of Waterfall can help you make smarter decisions and build a better product. 

Training: Business planning and growth strategy workshops

Who is it for?

Our training sessions are designed for business owners and senior managers who want to evolve their business plan to better align tech strategy with core business strategy, unlocking new growth opportunities. 

Workshop goal

Align technology strategy with your business vision and objectives.

How it works

During our workshops, our experts will work with you to better integrate technology strategy into your business plan. This will provide a basis for evaluating opportunities, building your team, and developing technology-led project plans.

Our training sessions typically take between 4 and 8 hours, with longer sessions spread over 2 days.

What to expect

  • Develop technology-led growth strategies - identify trends and emerging technologies that are creating opportunities within your sector.
  • Project conceptualisation and setting realistic targets that incorporate your organisational risk appetite.
  • SWOT analysis to help qualify opportunities around new technologies.
  • Build tools to identify where technology can provide a solution to business needs, either through the integration of existing tech or "green-fields" development.
  • How to build an effective tech team - identifying, hiring, and rewarding talented people.
  • Develop leadership and efficient processes around technology-driven projects.
  • From the first pitch it was clear the Intranel team were the company I wanted to work with to help RBS deliver the project. Change can be hard, but with the right people with the right attitude it certainly makes it easier.

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    Llewelyn Parkinson
    Head of New Market Propositions, Commercial and Private Banking at Royal Bank of Scotland
  • The Intranel team are very outcome-focused and take pride in their delivery. They are willing to challenge us and each other to achieve the best outcome.

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    Philippa Youngman
    Managing Director, Pivot Software Ltd

Discover our latest tech insights

Innovation for Established Businesses: The Complete Guide

Learn what established companies can borrow from start-ups to innovate better and how to build an efficient process around innovation.

Predictive Analytics in Action: Building a Business Case (eBook)

A practical guide that will help you evaluate the scale of opportunities and decide if predictive analytics is right for your organisation.

Hybrid Agile: Best Practices for Building Complex Software (eBook)

Find out how Hybrid Agile can help you make smarter decisions and build a better product.

Let's work together

Have a tech challenge? Get in touch and let’s discuss how you can align your business and your tech to solve your hardest challenges.

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Dave Sanders 

Managing Director & Co-Founder