Our industry experts share their tech insights and expertise in software development and emerging tech. 

Innovation for Established Businesses: The Complete Guide

Learn what established companies can borrow from start-ups to innovate better and how to build an efficient process around innovation.

Predictive Analytics in Action: Building a Business Case (eBook)

A practical guide that will help you evaluate the scale of opportunities and decide if predictive analytics is right for your organisation.

Hybrid Agile: Best Practices for Building Complex Software (eBook)

Find out how Hybrid Agile can help you make smarter decisions and build a better product.
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The AI-Powered Road Safety Network (Whitepaper)

Discover an innovative approach for using current technologies to build intelligent road safety networks and enable safer roads in New Zealand.

Identifying Use Cases for Predictive Analytics (On-Demand Webinar)

Discover capabilities of the latest AutoML (Machine Learning) cloud services and find out how to identify use cases for predictive analytics.
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How Can AI Make Roads Safer? (On-Demand Webinar)

In this webinar, we will share a concept for an AI-driven road safety network that aims to reduce New Zealand’s road toll by 40% at a cost of $200 per vehicle.
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Making Fast and Lightweight Webpages (When Every Byte Counts)

Discover how to develop a fast and lightweight webpage for embedded systems with only 4MB of storage space.
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AI and Computer Vision: What Business Leaders Should Consider

Discover how tech-oriented business leaders can gain a competitive advantage with AI-driven Computer Vision technologies.
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Diem – Is Facebook Going to Put Banks Out of Business?

Discover what Diem is, how it fits into the broader picture of technological disruption, and what banks can do to counter these threats.

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