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Build an exceptional product that pushes the boundaries of your business and make sure you have the right agile processes in place to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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Combine the flexibility of Agile and the precision of the Waterfall to ensure your product gets to the market first.

Product Strategy and Road-mapping

Launching a new product is not always a piece of cake. Ensure you have a concrete foundation for your product’s future.

MVP and Prototyping

Validate your product idea, test your assumptions and learn what’s working and what isn’t—without burning your budget.

years in software / hardware development
delivered projects for start-ups, governments, non-profits, and established companies
dedicated, cross-functional team

Product engineering

Accelerate your product with the power of emerging tech, hardware, software, and embedded systems.

QA testing

Ensure flawless quality of your products—at scale and speed.

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From concept to final product

Research and scope

We start this process by defining your product vision, objectives, and your customers’ or stakeholders’ needs. With these insights, we create a powerful value-driven roadmap that outlines priorities and focuses on real value, not promises.

MVP / Prototype

We take your product ideas and refine them into a market-testable Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The goal is to learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible, and with minimal investment. We start by producing a top-level definition of all the cool features around your idea.

Then we filter them down to the key essential features while adding “nice-to-haves” to a product backlog. After that, we create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to visualise user experience.

Finally, we build your MVP!

Development and launch

We build the core of your product and take care of every step of the product engineering journey—from design, to build, test, deployment, to ongoing support.

We use the latest QA-testing frameworks, automation, and continuous testing to embed top-notch quality throughout the full development cycle so your product doesn’t just “work”, but delivers an exceptional digital experience to your customers.

Featured success story

Scalable IoT Solution For Solar Conversion Devices

Intranel has partnered with a leading solar services provider in New Zealand to build a scalable IoT solution that enabled cloud connectivity and provided more powerful and elegant ways to interact with their solar installations.

Technologies used: Microsoft IoT suite + Azure Cloud services

A mock up of the laptop showing the UI of the application for the solar company

Why partner with us

Modern tech projects are complex. Leverage our unique cross-functional expertise in software engineering, product development, cloud architecture, and emerging tech to transform, accelerate, and scale your business.

Full-Stack Development

From Software To Hardware

Agile The Right Way

Fast and cost-effective development

Focus On Your Goals

Business before technology

End-to-End Product Development

From concept to release

Accelerated Time To Market

Releases in weeks, not months

Complete Transparency

Open communication

Don't take it from us. Hear from our partners:

  • Intranel did an incredible job working with us to deliver a complex automated microscopy system with very tight budget and time constraints. The technology is a world-first and has exceeded expectations.

    Eugene O'Sullivan
    Director @ Pastoral Measurements Ltd
  • The team at Intranel were responsive and adaptive to our evolving and complex requirements. Their clear communication and pragmatic approach resulted in the delivery of a world class solution to our App development needs.

    Tony Ging
    Engineering Manager @ Thor Poletest
  • From the first pitch it was clear the Intranel team were the company I wanted to work with to help RBS deliver the project. Change can be hard, but with the right people with the right attitude it certainly makes it easier.

    Llewelyn Parkinson
    Head of New Market Propositions, Commercial and Private Banking at Royal Bank of Scotland
  • It’s always a challenge picking the right partner but from the beginning it was clear we’d made the right choice. My business and deliverables were clearly understood from the beginning and Intranel’s team simply drove at them until they were complete, with excellent attitudes and without compromising on the requirements or robustness of the final result.

    Jason Bishop
    Director @ Sourced
  • The Intranel team are very outcome-focused and take pride in their delivery. They are willing to challenge us and each other to achieve the best outcome.

    Pip Youngman
    Managing Director @ Pivot Software Ltd
  • The Intranel team did a fantastic job driving the discovery process that laid foundation for major improvements to our course evaluation system.

    Chris Harris
    Quality and Educational Development Manager @ Imperial College London

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