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Scion Pest Detection App

Project Details

Intranel has built a series of apps for NZ Crown Research Institutes including SCION and NIWA in conjunction with MPI and Lincoln University. The first application was a eucalyptus beetle detection app, allowing users to make identifications, and submit anything that wasn’t easily recognisable for further checking.

The app allowed interested parties, including the public, to assist in detecting and preventing the further spread of this pest. The apps are integrated with iNaturalist and NatureWatch, using location information and user-taken images.

Similar detection and identification apps followed the beetle app, and the ability to rapidly develop new apps was an excellent advantage for our clients. In particular, a Myrtle Rust identification app required particularly swift development and deployment as it was a new and fast-spreading biohazard that needed to be dealt with quickly.

Two tilted mobile phones showing interface of the Scion pest detection app
Mobile screens of Scion pest detection mobile apps


This project resulted in a number of apps being developed and deployed, using similar techniques but with their own specific requirements. Making the app with reusable components and cross-platform development from the start helped our clients save time and money, by allowing rapid development and deployment of new Android and iOS apps.

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