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Scion Pest Detection App

About the project

Mobile app to detect Eucalyptus Beetle

We developed and built a series of mobile apps for New Zealand Crown Research Institutes including SCION and NIWA, in conjunction with MPI and Lincoln University. The initial app was for detecting eucalyptus beetles, allowing users to make identifications and submit any uncertain sightings for further investigation.

Two tilted mobile phones showing interface of the Scion pest detection app
Two iphones showing the UI of the Scion app

Location tagging and user-images

The app allowed interested parties, including the public, to assist in detecting and preventing the further spread of this pest. The apps are integrated with iNaturalist and NatureWatch, using location information and user-taken images.


Fast development to stop the biohazard spread

Following the success of the beetle detection app, similar apps for detection and identification were created.

Our clients benefitted greatly from our ability to quickly develop new apps, in particular, the swift development and deployment of a Myrtle Rust identification app was crucial as it was a new and rapidly spreading biohazard that required prompt attention.

Two tilted mobile phones showing interface of the Scion pest detection app

Cross-platform development with reusable components

As a result of this project, multiple apps were created and deployed, utilising similar techniques tailored to each app’s unique needs.

By using reusable components and cross-platform development, we were able to help our clients save time and money by quickly developing and deploying new apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

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