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Performance Management System

About the project

Re-building complex, enterprise solution

Performance Ally is an industry-leading solution from Pivot Software that allows enterprises to manage and reward staff performance in an effective, consistent way.

Pivot’s challenge was a legacy code-base that had served its purpose well but was due for an update to enhance the user experience and add new features. Pivot made the call to rebuild the app and Intranel was brought in to assist the internal team with project delivery.

A mock up of the laptop showing the UI of the performance management application
Laptop with the screen of performance management tool

What we have achieved

While the product is a complex, enterprise system, we were able to develop and roll out the new solution in a staged way that managed risk and supported Pivot’s needs as early as possible.

Along the way we’ve helped Pivot to implement some really strong lean systems. The team is increasingly agile in development processes and has technology development well aligned with business needs.

  • A contemporary new look and feel
  • Improved user experience
  • New features to make client workflow easier and faster
  • Complete code re-write
  • Reduced complexity and costs around hosting and maintenance
  • Future-proofed the application so it’s scalable, customisable, secure, responsive, maintainable and can rapidly evolve with customer needs

Don't take it from us. Hear from our partners:

The Intranel team are very outcome-focused and take pride in their delivery. They are willing to challenge us and each other to achieve the best outcome.

Pip Youngman
Managing Director @ Pivot Software Ltd

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