Energy / Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT Connectivity for Solar Conversion Devices

Scalable IoT solution

A leading solar services provider in NZ required an IoT solution that could support in excess of 100,000 distributed devices. We leveraged Microsoft’s IoT suite and Azure Cloud services to ensure scalability, simplify infrastructure requirements, and manage costs.

A mock up of the laptop showing the UI of the application for the solar company
Two mobile phones showing interface of the IoT connectivity app for solar conversion devices

Connected, in every way

The system includes a large number of domestic installations, each including peripheral devices and embedded IoT nodes. IoT data packages are processed by the IoT hub and then committed to Cloud table storage. Web and Mobile applications were developed with the best UX design principles in mind to help users get the most out of the solution.

The simple way to manage solar installations

The project provides users more powerful and elegant ways to interact with their solar installations.

  • Improved ability to remotely manage deployment, configuration, and update of devices
  • Better end-user engagement – real-time access to their devices from anywhere via mobile apps
  • Sensor data from thousands of nodes enables the application of cloud-based analytics and evidence-based business decision making
Vast field with wind turbines captured during the sunset

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