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FibreScan - Automated Microscopy

Project Details

Intranel designed and developed the world-first fibre measurement system in a 3-year collaboration with a joint venture agritech partner. This project exercised our expertise in electronics, mechanical design, image processing, and CUDA parallel processing techniques.

FibreScan is a rugged, field-deployable, automated microscopy system. From a small wool sample, it can make 500,000 individual measurements in under 15 seconds and objectively quantify over 12 key fibre characteristics.

Computer vision systems use a variety of image processing, statistical, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to automate extraction of structured data from image and video feeds.

Tablet showing the FibreScan grapgh interface
Fibrescan device in action

The Result - Unique Technology

Along with several unique innovations, the FibreScan introduces the ability to recognise and track fibre segments finer than human hair within 100s of images. This approach, combined with the huge number of measurements yielded results better than those achievable through laboratory technology, without requiring painstaking sample preparation at vastly higher expense.



“Intranel did an Incredible job working with us to deliver a complex automated microscopy system with a very tight budget and time constraints. The technology is a world-first and has exceeded expectations.”

Eugene O’Sullivan
Director, Pastoral Measurements Ltd

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