Project Snapshots

Our project management and business analytics experts use agile methods the right way to get you to market faster and with better products. Let’s take a look at some of our projects. 

Intranel worked with a client in the renewable energy sector to build IoT cloud connectivity and consumer-facing mobile apps for solar conversion devices.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision

It is now possible to run powerful, hardware-accelerated AI computer vision applications on hardware costing under $200. Intranel used Google’s Coral AI accelerator hardware and a Raspberry Pi to track, differentiate, and count different brands of scooters (e.g. Lime, Flamingo) in public areas in real-time.


A major piece of Enterprise software for corporate performance management was completely re-engineered to vastly improve user experience and provide an array of new capabilities. The system was Cloud deployed and future-proofed to be scalable, secure, responsive, and maintainable.

Mobile Applications

Intranel has built a series of apps for NZ Crown Research Institutes. Reusable development has enabled us to rapidly develop and deploy new apps. The Myrtle Rust identification app is an excellent example of this, it required fast development and deployment due to the critical biohazard nature of the issue. The application itself integrates with iNaturalist and NatureWatch, uses location and images, and if offline at the time sends the info through when you are back online.



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