[On-Demand Webinar] How Can AI Make NZ Roads Safer?

In the future, autonomous vehicles will offer the ideal solution to making New Zealand’s uniquely dangerous road network safer. However, in the 30-40 years before this technology becomes ubiquitous NZ will likely experience another 12,000 road deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries.

In this webinar, Adam Lyness, Co-Founder and Business Development Manager at Intranel, will share a concept for an AI-driven road safety network that aims to reduce New Zealand’s road toll by 30-40% at a cost of a few hundred dollars per vehicle.

Google’s beta Coral accelerator hardware in combination with a Raspberry Pi and camera module
Basic topology of smart road safety network

Adam will showcase low-cost hardware that can identify and track vehicles, share this over a network, and propose a modular system that can cost-effectively be retrofitted to our road network and vehicle fleet.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • What the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in improving road safety is
  • How to improve road safety in NZ with the power of AI
  • What privacy risks to consider and why it matters


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About the author

Portrait photo of Adam Lyness, one of the Intranel's founders

Adam Lyness, Co-Founder and Business Development Manager at Intranel

Adam is an Entrepreneur and Emerging Technology leader who has 15 years’ experience developing and delivering market ready propositions. Through his role with Intranel Consulting Adam enables business partners to accelerate technology delivery using a lean, business driven approach.