How We Work

Complex software is best delivered using Agile methodologies, providing quick delivery of business value, and giving clients the flexibility to refine requirements during development.

A “pure” Agile approach can however create tension with established business processes that impose fixed budgets and delivery times.

With this in mind, we have developed a hybrid agile approach to give clients the speed and flexibility of agile, while still working within managed budgets and time frames.

Two people working together
Initial Analysis
  • Business case and project vision
  • Hard requirements - security, performance
  • Key user journeys
Design & Research
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - be brutal to remove non-essentials!
  • Prioritised backlog of user-centric features
  • User journey wireframes and visuals
  • Tool & environment configuration
  • Initial cost estimation based on MVP backlog and comparing complexity with previous projects
  • Incremental delivery of value
  • Iterate and refine requirements as at this stage business needs are better understood
  • Re-prioritisation of feature if required
  • Prioritisation of future work
  • Deployment
Post-Live: Business As Usual
  • Maintenance
  • On-going support
  • Development of new features

Hybrid Agile Software Development: Best Practices

Download this eBook to learn how to overcome technology delivery challenges and maximise success for complex software projects with Hybrid Agile.

White ebook cover with the title "Hybrid Agile: Best Practices for Building Complex Software"

Our Clients

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision

Scooter Detection with AI

Intranel used Google’s Coral AI accelerator hardware and a Raspberry Pi to track, differentiate, and count different brands of scooters in public areas in real-time.

Mobile Applications

Scion: Pest Detection App

Intranel has built a series of apps for NZ Crown Research Institutes. Reusable development has enabled us to rapidly develop and deploy new apps. The Myrtle Rust identification app is an excellent example of this, it required fast development and deployment due to the critical biohazard nature of the issue.

Internet of Things

IoT Connectivity for Solar Conversion Devices

Intranel worked with a client in the renewable energy sector to build IoT cloud connectivity and consumer-facing mobile apps for solar conversion devices.

Enterprise Solutions

Performance Management System

Intranel helped Pivot Software to re-engineer a major piece of Enterprise software for corporate performance management, cloud-deploy it, and future-proof it to be scalable, secure, responsive, and maintainable.

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