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Are you ready to take your business to the next level? With our custom software and hardware solutions, you can get your products to market faster, scale up your existing platforms, and revamp stalled projects.

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What we can do

Leverage our unique cross-functional expertise in software engineering, product development, cloud architecture, and emerging tech to transform, accelerate and scale your business.

Revamp Your Existing Products

Enhance outdated products to keep up with evolving markets and turbo-boost your business growth.

Launch New Products

Accelerate your product development and get to market before your competitors, save resources in the long run, and stay more resilient to changes.

years in software and hardware development
delivered projects for start-ups, governments, non-profits, and established companies
dedicated, cross-functional team

Scale Your Operations

Put the right technology and processes in place to prepare your business for sustainable growth.

Migrate, Manage or Optimise in the Cloud

Transform your IT infrastructure without any disruptions and ensure your business keeps running smoothly.

Optimise Your Business Processes

Take advantage of emerging tech to enable smarter decision-making, improve business productivity, and automate everyday processes at scale.

Bridge Skill-Resource Gaps

Scale your development capacity or add an extra layer of expertise to deliver your project faster and more cost-effectively.

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Custom Software Development

No two companies are the same. Tackle your complex business challenges with fully custom, scalable tech-focused solutions.

  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • UI/UX
  • DevOps
  • QA and testing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development

Align AI with your business goals, remove infrastructure obstacles, and build exceptional AI-powered products that will last well in the future.

  • Machine Learning (ML) product development
  • Computer vision and image processing
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Analytics and data science
  • AI strategy consulting

Blockchain Development

You can now identify opportunities, grow your core business, and create new business models with the latest Blockchain/Distributed Ledger technology.

  • Smart contracts
  • Blockchain wallets
  • Enterprise blockchain
  • Blockchain app integration
  • Consulting on blockchain security and compliance

Internet-of-Things (IoT) Development

Leverage our expertise in embedded hardware, cloud services, and UI/UX to build game-changing IoT solutions and supercharge your business processes. With our help, you can unlock the full potential of the IoT and take your business to the next level.

  • Mobile apps for connected devices
  • IoT platform development
  • Full-cycle IoT development
  • Smart devices, wearables, beacons, sensors
  • IoT analytics and consulting

Cloud Services

Transform your business with the Cloud, and leave disruptions behind. No matter where you are on your Cloud journey, our experts will help you get the most out of the Cloud technology.

  • Cloud migration and integration
  • Cloud optimisation
  • Cloud consulting

Product Development

Build a game-changing product and stay ahead of the pack with agile processes that help you stay flexible and responsive to changing market conditions.

  • Product strategy
  • MVP and prototyping
  • Product engineering
  • QA testing

Hardware Development

If you need to design and build electronic hardware, PCBs, or a complete manufacture-ready device, our hardware engineers have you covered. With their expertise and attention to detail, you can trust us to deliver a top-notch solution that meets your exact needs.

  • Firmware development
  • Electronic system design
  • Electronic circuit design
  • PCB design

IT Strategy and Tech Consulting

For your business growth, the right tech strategy is everything. With our help, you can Improve your tech processes with real-world agile and ensure your tech strategy is aligned with your core business.

  • Business process audit and optimisation
  • Agile project management
  • IT strategy and technology consulting

Break Free From Waterfall: A Guide to Hybrid Agile

At Intranel, we understand the concerns over open-ended budgets and time frames in Agile and offer our clients a hybrid Agile approach: the perfect solution for businesses that want to take advantage of the speed and flexibility of Agile, while still maintaining control over budgets and deadlines.

Our recent projects

Intranel is your trusted long-term technology partner with 20+ years of experience. We bridge skill-resource gaps, harnessing technology to drive your business forward.

DairySmart – AI-Powered Mastitis Detection

Through a systematic and iterative design process, Intranel has successfully developed the BeakBox, a revolutionary bird toy that provides cognitive stimulation for pet parrots while being safe and easy to use.
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Thor Poletest™ – Timber Pole Testing System

Through a systematic and iterative design process, Intranel has successfully developed the BeakBox, a revolutionary bird toy that provides cognitive stimulation for pet parrots while being safe and easy to use.
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BeakBox – Interactive Music Toy for Birds

Through a systematic and iterative design process, Intranel has successfully developed the BeakBox, a revolutionary bird toy that provides cognitive stimulation for pet parrots while being safe and easy to use.
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Why partner with Intranel?

With our help, you can navigate the world of tech investments and make smart, successful decisions that support your business, all while building genuine agile capability.

End-to-End Development

Complete Transparency

Align Tech with Business Goals

Better Value for Your Tech Spend

Best Practice Agile Development

Long-Term Project Support

Don't take it from us. Hear from our partners:

  • The team at Intranel were responsive and adaptive to our evolving and complex requirements. Their clear communication and pragmatic approach resulted in the delivery of a world class solution to our App development needs.

    Tony Ging
    Engineering Manager @ Thor Poletest
  • The Intranel team are very outcome-focused and take pride in their delivery. They are willing to challenge us and each other to achieve the best outcome.

    Pip Youngman
    Managing Director @ Pivot Software Ltd
  • It’s always a challenge picking the right partner but from the beginning it was clear we’d made the right choice. My business and deliverables were clearly understood from the beginning and Intranel’s team simply drove at them until they were complete, with excellent attitudes and without compromising on the requirements or robustness of the final result.

    Jason Bishop
    Director @ Sourced
  • Intranel did an incredible job working with us to deliver a complex automated microscopy system with very tight budget and time constraints. The technology is a world-first and has exceeded expectations.

    Eugene O'Sullivan
    Director @ Pastoral Measurements Ltd
  • From the first pitch it was clear the Intranel team were the company I wanted to work with to help RBS deliver the project. Change can be hard, but with the right people with the right attitude it certainly makes it easier.

    Llewelyn Parkinson
    Head of New Market Propositions, Commercial and Private Banking at Royal Bank of Scotland
  • The Intranel team did a fantastic job driving the discovery process that laid foundation for major improvements to our course evaluation system.

    Chris Harris
    Quality and Educational Development Manager @ Imperial College London

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