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“To build what people want, we need to know how they think and how they work”

Our Services

Our expert team can bring your custom application to life – before it’s even been built, so that you can be sure you’re building the right application for your users.

Concepting and Prototyping

Our software application concepting and prototyping consultants can work with you to develop beautiful and visual user-friendly designs that you can use to communicate your vision and allow stakeholders to give you feedback. Our prototypes can be used to run user testing to validate and enhance your concept prior to implementing it. This is a wise move as it provides assurance that your application is being designed and built in the right way for your users!

As well as the usual prototyping, we also offer online research services that can help you validate and bring in feedback – see for more information – this is the portal to our online market research suite.

Project management and commissioned user research

Intranel can take on complete online research projects, leveraging the VisionsLive research suite and exploiting our extensive partner network.
If you’re running complex user testing we can also assist with additional services:
• Project management
• Participant recruitment- both from customer lists, or general and specialist (i.e. medical/engineering/IT) respondents
• Professional research moderation and analysis services- we have access to a network of experienced moderators covering most global time zones and multiple languages.

Client References and Feedback:

“As (a market) research agency we’re quite demanding. We really need high flexibility, convenience (easy to use, easy to manage the platform (uploading stimuli, asking questions, activating interactive tools), application reliability and stability… Thanks to Visionslive we are able to service big companies in their search for efficient international qualitative market research. Doing online group discussions has broaden the horizon and helped us to get connected with consumers in a very special and intense way”
Insites Consulting

“…We are just about done with a very successful bulletin board project – yeah! Your team has been fabulous to work with and we are so appreciative of all the hard work that’s been done behind the scenes to make this board a success. A sincere thanks to you all”
Olivetree Research

“Our clients, who viewed the session, were delighted with the findings and, like us, thought that the new medium was fantastic. Visionslive provide one of the most comprehensive services I’ve ever had the pleasure of using; its technology is user-friendly and intuitive, while its friendly and knowledgeable staff were always ready to answer any questions. The whole experience was excellent.”
Research Works Ltd

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Intanel - Hi-Tech 2014 - Deloitte Fast 50 2013

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