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For a business owner, investing in building technology can feel like a risky proposition. Navigating the array of options, weighing up advice you’ll get from technical people and building a plan is a challenge. The good news is we’ve been down this road many times and we’re happy to help. Before we throw a development team at a problem we recommend spending some time building a really clear idea of the business case and the minimal solution to address that need; we want to focus on achieving a return from your technology investment as soon as possible (so you can get the next project underway and keep paying us!). This means building a product that aligns perfectly with your business needs, and ensuring you have the right agile processes in place to build it efficiently.

Our business team will help you implement lean, fast, cost-effective development and build genuine agile capability. We operate a transparent, open process and take ownership of the problems we’re solving – you can expect us to challenge you and vice-versa.

Typical outcomes

What you can expect if you engage our business team to get a project underway or improve your internal systems:

  • Your technology roadmap will be aligned with business goals (Business Driven Development)
  • Creation of small, agile development team(s) to get the job done faster and at lower cost
  • Optimised development processes, and collaborative tools so the business and tech teams can play well together

If your technology strategy is causing you headaches, talk to us.

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“ Adam and Alexander did a fantastic job driving the discovery process that laid the foundation for major improvements to our course evaluation systems.”
– Chris Harris, Quality and Educational Development Manager, Imperial College London

“From the first pitch it was clear the Intranel team were the company I wanted to work with to help RBS deliver… Change can be hard, but with the right people with the right attitude it certainly  makes it easier.”
– Llewelyn Parkinson, Head of New Market Propositions, Commercial and Private Banking at Royal Bank of Scotland

“The Intranel team are very outcome focussed and take pride in their delivery. They are willing to challenge us and each other to achieve the best outcome.”
– Philippa Youngman, Managing Director, Pivot Software Ltd

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Intranel - Deloitte Tech Asia Pacific Fast 500 2013 Winner                    Intranel - Deloitte Fastest Growing Company 2013                    Intranel - Deloitte 3rd Fastest Growing Company 2013                  Intranel - Finalist Hi-Tech Awards 2014

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